IT Service Manger (CI/CD, DevOps) - Switzerland

DevOps - Technology
Ref: 4 Date Posted: Monday 01 Jun 2020
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This is an opportunity for an experienced IT Service Manager who has a strong background in CI/CD and DevOps.

Please note that this position will require on-site presence, depending on local safety regulations and quarantine laws. 



  • Proven and successful experience in running IT services;
  • Proven experience in managing multi-project full CI/CD pipelines;
  • Promote knowledge sharing and DevOps culture across organizations;
  • Configuration management tools;
  • Committed to quality standards;
  • Troubleshooting complex CI/CD issues;
  • Excellent communication skills, spoken and written English.



  • Software development background;
  • Cloud CI/CD skills, in particular on AWS;
  • Ability to influence and motivate.


Software development languages and tools: 

  • Bamboo, Nexus;
  • SVN, GIT, BitBucket, Fisheye;
  • Crucible, SonarQube;
  • Maven, npm;
  • Familiar with a variety of programming languages and frameworks such as Java EE, JavaScript or Angular.


System & application management:

  • Linux server administration
  • Application servers (Apache, WildFly, Tomcat, NodeJS)
  • Working with containers (i.e. docker)
  • Working with database systems (e.g. MySQL, Elasticsearch, etc.)
  • Monitoring systems (desirable).


Project objectives:

One of the IP Portal program objectives is to establish a wide Common CI/CD pipeline to be used by all the teams that develop software for the company. Until now, the IP Portal delivered a functional CI/CD pipeline based on Bamboo and Nexus, which is currently used by over 30 projects across the organization.

In phase 2 of the IP Portal program, the objective is to extend the current pipeline, onboard the remaining applications, support the existing applications, and promote a software development culture around DevOps and the use of the CI/CD pipeline.

The purpose of this assignment is to manage and improve the CI/CD service, as well as advocate for a DevOps culture across the organization.



  • Manage the CI/CD pipeline service by providing technical support and guidance to the teams that use the pipeline (e.g. build issues, plan updates, pipeline configuration);
  • Liaise with business lines to fully onboard projects onto the CI/CD pipeline;
  • Liaise with the IT Ops team to manage the CI/CD infrastructure and improve/extend the current CI/CD pipeline (e.g. Nexus artifact repository, Bamboo build server, SonarQube code quality tool, code repositories, etc.);
  • Liaise with the information security team to fully align with any required security procedures and integrated any needed security tools;
  • Troubleshoot any CI/CD issues;
  • Promote knowledge sharing and a DevOps culture across organizations;
  • As needed, implement proof of concepts and perform technical research with the goal to improve the existing pipeline and help the development teams better perform their job;
  • Manage quality checking procedures.
    The above objectives are for information purpose only and are subject to change if required.


Detailed workload:

The CI/CD IT Service Manager will work closely with various technical teams to manage and extend the current CI/CD pipeline, while also provide support and guidance to the business and technical teams that use the pipeline.

Other responsibilities will include :

  • Produce an in-depth evaluation report of the current CI/CD pipeline review;
  • Liaise with Developers across those business lines to present the tools (and their benefits) and how to use them;
  • Once a project is on-boarded, work with the Dev teams to populate the repository and maintain the system on an ongoing basis, addressing any issues and perform problem solving activities on any pipeline-related issues that the development teams cannot solve;
  • Provide feedback and guidance to the appropriate forums to improve the software development and deployment process;
  • Promote knowledge sharing across software development teams and work to achieve a better understanding and usage of the DevOps culture across the organization;
  • Maintain an up-to-date pipeline documentation, including details about each on-boarded project, as well as produce technical reports on the various pipeline extension activities.



  • CI/CD pipeline evaluation report, including improvement suggestions;
  • CI/CD pipeline extensions and improvements;
  • New CI/CD on-boarded projects;
  • Wiki updates on the support and new onboarding details;
  • Workshops and other knowledge sharing and culture shaping events;
  • Technical reports;
  • Documentation for the executed work.


Please feel free to forward your resume to us even if the role is not a 100% fit, as this way we will be able to reach out to you directly in case of a more suitable opportunity for you.